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Foursquare now includes restaurant menu items in search results

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Foursquare has amassed a huge index of restaurant menus — 43 million by the company's own count. But that stockpile of data is of limited use when there's no convenient way of searching for your favorite dish in a particular city. Thankfully Foursquare is today making those millions of menu items easily searchable. Now, whenever you type a query into the app's Explore section, Foursquare will look through those restaurant menus and return a list of nearby locations that serve exactly what you're looking for.

The feature is useful for those nights when you're craving something particular, but it's also a big help to users who may have dietary concerns. Now finding gluten-free dinner spots is a single search away. "It’s this sort of data that powers our new magical proactive recommendations, and which only Foursquare can do," the company boasts on its blog. It's not a life-changing addition, but it does slightly beat out what you'd get from Yelp.