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New Nexus 7 with LTE now available for $349 in US from Google Play

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Nexus 7 hero (1024px)
Nexus 7 hero (1024px)

More than a month after the Wi-Fi version of Google's second-generation Nexus 7 went on sale, the 4G LTE model has arrived. Google just announced that the cellular variant of its impressive tablet is now available to buyers in the United States via Google Play. It's priced at $349, and Google says early orders will ship promptly within one to two business days. Additionally, T-Mobile will begin selling the 4G-equipped Nexus 7 in its retail stores beginning in October — and will be offering customers 2GB of data for a month for free so they can try out the company's network. Apart from a cellular radio and support for a barrage of wireless bands (including LTE on Verizon Wireless), hardware of course remains unchanged. We only hope that Google and Asus have had time to iron out some of the early kinks.