Another year. Another CES. Another chance to find out what it feels like to truly be alive. Alive and in Las Vegas. In Las Vegas and at the Consumer Electronics Show — a phantasmagoria of light, sound, and electricity. Actual electricity, and the kind of spiritual, psychic kind that only happens but once a year.

Another thing that only happens once a year? The Verge Awards at CES — when the editorial team of The Verge picks the best things that hit the show floor, the biggest stories, and yes, the biggest disappointments.

This CES wasn’t the craziest, most surprising, or even most interesting we’ve ever seen… but it wasn’t a total bust either. Between the gargantuan TVs, a sea of me-too wearables, and the 1,001 iPhone accessories you’ll never need, there were some truly interesting innovations out there. You just had to look really hard to find them. And boy did we look.

So, here we are. The show is over. The massive displays are being dismantled. The Verge team is battered and bruised, but not beaten. And we’ve painstakingly assembled the hits and misses of CES 2014. Without further ado, we present the 2014 Verge Awards. And hey, if you don't like our picks — go and vote for your own.