This year, the Consumer Electronics Show has been dominated by things you can strap to your wrist. From electronic bangles to Bluetooth jewelry to a plethora of fitness trackers, it’s all here. The buzziest of these wearables are smartwatches, which aim to fulfill a long-held sci-fi dream of communication and accessing information on your wrist.

Pebble announced its all-new design, industry veteran MetaWatch launched a new brand and design ethos, and smaller companies filled countless booths showing off their own takes on the smartwatch. Even gaming-peripheral maker Razer is jumping into the fray with a device that’s markedly different from anything it’s ever produced before. With the market still ripe for the taking, everyone under the sun wants to try their hand at winning space on your wrist.

But for all the options, the smartwatch world right now is not unlike the smartphone market before the iPhone took the world by storm. There are countless options from a plethora of companies, but none have really taken off and grabbed the public’s attention and, more importantly, their cash.