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Rethinking San Francisco's Muni logo

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muni redesign
muni redesign

How do you update a logo without losing what people love about it? Since the mid-'70s, San Francisco's "Muni" Municipal Railway has been represented by a simple, stylized emblem. Four decades on, the logo has certainly aged, but it's now an iconic design statement loved by many. In a recent blog post, local designer Derek Kim lays out his vision for a new logo. Although it maintains the basic form, Kim's version eschews the varied widths of the present logo in favor of a more uniform look, and further integrates the "i" at the end by making it the same weight as the rest of the letters.


The simplified logo, Kim argues, could be rolled out in a number of ways. Its uniform nature makes it ideal as a repeat pattern that could adorn the sides of buses and trams. The designer has also worked the logo onto uniforms, and rethought the design of the service's pass and signage with bold yet simple visualizations of landmarks and areas. Kim doesn't expect the Municipal Transport Agency to suddenly rethink its livery — its money would probably be better spent improving the service — but it's an intriguing prospect nonetheless. For a full rationale behind the redesign, head to his site.