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Target says 'up to 70 million' names, email addresses, and phone numbers have been stolen

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Retailer offers free identity theft protection for all its customers

Target flickr
Target flickr

Following last month's news that 40 million debit and credit card numbers were stolen in a hack, Target today disclosed that a huge number of personal details have also been compromised. The retailer says up to 70 million names, mailing addresses, phone numbers or email addresses were stolen as part of last November's hack.

The company says the stolen data is "partial in nature," and it will attempt to contact everyone whose email address has been compromised to warn them of the dangers of scam emails that could be on their way. Target CEO Gregg Steinhafel notes the company is "truly sorry" its customers are having to "endure" the effects of the hack, and announced a company-wide policy that he hopes will soften the blow.

Free credit monitoring and identity theft protection for all customers

As previously announced, customers affected by the data breach will not be liable for any resulting fraud. Target is extending that offer, now saying that any customer who has shopped at its store will be able to sign up for credit monitoring and identity theft protection free of charge for a year. Sign-up to the safety measures will be open for three months, after which the offer will expire. Target will share more details on how the program will work next week, and advises any customers worried about the breach to visit its data breach portal.