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Nest co-founder on the connected home: it’s about ‘really obvious experiences’

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Crazy things happen at CES. This year our own Nilay Patel sat down for an interview with Nest co-founder Matt Rogers in a moving firetruck (naturally) to discuss what's in the company's future and what its place is in the connected home. Nest is coming off the release of its neat (and pricey) Protect smoke and carbon dioxide detector, and the company's here at CES to "find some really high-value products and work with those guys, and build out really obvious experiences that people will understand." He points to the new Mercedes app that can tell Nest that you're coming home as an example of that, and he revealed that they met with Philips to discuss integration with its Hue LED lightbulbs. It might not be long before Nest will be able to turn off your lights when you're not home. Be sure to check the full interview below for more insight from Rogers with the sights of Vegas passing by in the background. Also, we couldn't help it: we had to give the siren a whirl.