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Reader poll: you pick the best of CES 2014

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trailer shot
trailer shot

Five days. Two million square feet of exhibit space. 50 Cent. CES is a massive, sprawling, teeming mass of electronics and technology — and every year there's more to see than anyone could get to in a lifetime. But we've seen a lot, and we've picked the best of what we saw — now it's your turn. What was your favorite thing at CES? Was it TVs that bend, or the first good small phone we've seen in a while? Maybe it's PlayStation Now, or Steam Machines, or the Oculus Rift. Maybe you're drooling over the Toyota i-Road as much as we are.

But there can only be one Best in Show. For the second year running, we selected Oculus Rift, which came to CES with a new prototype that blew our minds yet again. It was a tough call, though — there were blows exchanged — and there's plenty more to like here in the Vegas desert. So it's your turn to tell us: what was the best thing at CES?

Vote below. Choose wisely.