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Overstock CEO says company made $130,000 in first day of Bitcoin sales

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Bitcoin from Shutterstock
Bitcoin from Shutterstock

After announcing its plans to start accepting Bitcoin payments last month, officially took the plunge yesterday, having brokered a deal with Bitcoin payment processor Coinbase to help handle sales. Now, only a day later, CEO Patrick Byrne announced on Twitter that the company made $130,000 in Bitcoin payments.

Byrne's off-the-cuff announcement at the very least shows the interest consumers have in Bitcoin, putting, now the largest retailer to accept the crytpocurrency, in a fairly unique position to profit on it. However, this success is likely only a drop in the bucket for the company. According to's financials, the online store made more than $300 million last quarter, translating to approximately $3 million a day in revenue. At this point, as ever, likely won't be shifting away from traditional currencies anytime soon.