I ride a skateboard just about every day — to and from the subway going to work, and recreationally on the weekends. In an ideal world, I'd like to cruise all the way to work and not step foot on a train. But that's not quite possible without a motor giving me power to get up and down Broadway. I'm on the hunt to find the perfect electric skateboard — one that doesn't cost upward of $1,000, is lightweight, has a range of at least 10 miles, and can go at least 15MPH.

So each year I come to CES and find myself looking for the latest crop of electric skateboards. First was the Board of Awesomeness, and last year was the ZBoard. This year I rode two very different models— the Onewheel and the E-Go Cruiser, and they come closer to my ideal of an electric skateboard than anything else I've ever ridden.