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The final season of 'Breaking Bad' is coming to Netflix next month

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Bryan Cranston Breaking Bad (PUBLICITY STILL)
Bryan Cranston Breaking Bad (PUBLICITY STILL)

No show captured the public imagination last year more than Breaking Bad, and it's going to get a lot easier to watch Walter White's story from beginning to end next month. The Huffington Post reports (and Netflix confirms) that the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad will be available on the streaming service February 24th.

This actually represents the US doing a little bit of catch-up: Netflix subscribers in the UK were able to watch the final episodes immediately after they were aired. Netflix and Breaking Bad have become intertwined over the past few years, with the show's creators crediting the service — and the binge watching it enables — for growing Bad's fanbase. That relationship looks like it's going to continue with the upcoming spinoff, Better Call Saul: the new show will be debuting internationally on Netflix as well.