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Xbox One live gameplay broadcast feature could still be months away

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xbox vs. playstation
xbox vs. playstation

Microsoft couldn't deliver one of the Xbox One's key features at launch: the ability to stream your gameplay, live, for anyone on the web to watch. Here's more bad news: the company behind that feature,, has no idea when it will launch either. According to a tweet from the company, Microsoft hasn't yet provided any date, and it could be "a few more months" before it arrives.

What's the hold up? We can't say, but one possibility is that Microsoft hasn't yet figured out how to deal with streams of an unsavory nature. Sony's PlayStation 4, which did ship with, found itself facing a bit of a controversy when users realized they could film themselves doing all sorts of things — including having sex — in the augmented reality demo The Playroom. Sony decided to cut off access to for that one game as a solution, perhaps something that's not as easy or even technically impossible with the current Xbox One software.

Also, it's not like Sony delivered on all of its promises for the PlayStation 4 at launch. The console is still lacking its instant-on mode to instantly resume games from standby, and it won't stream games from PlayStation Now until summer at the earliest.