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Canadian teen convicted of child pornography after spreading explicit photos of boyfriend's ex

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Sexting photos of yourself can be perilous, but sexting photos of somebody else could lead to jail time. A teenage girl in Canada has been convicted of distributing child pornography after she sent around five explicit pictures of a girl she found on her boyfriend's phone, CNN reports. The 16-year old defendant is being tried as a minor, and is out on bail while awaiting sentencing.

"I had trouble understanding text language."

The trouble began back in November 2012 when the defendant found out that her boyfriend was receiving sexts from his ex-girlfriend. After making threats on Facebook, the defendant commandeered her boyfriend's phone and sent out the explicit pictures she found (of his ex) to several friends. It's hardly the stuff of child porn, the defendant's attorney Christopher Mackie told CNN, but Crown Prosecutor Chandra Fisher seems like she intends to set an example. Fisher said the case should serve as a warning to teens about the dangers of texting and posting inappropriate content online.

Now if only she could decipher the 36,000 texts she's been given access to. "I had trouble understanding text language and I had to take a lesson in what some of these symbols meant," she told CTV.