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A Fox News exposé causes a battle of its own

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A new biography of Fox News chief Roger Ailes is already stirring up controversy, just days before its release. Titled The Loudest Voice in the Room, the book offers a peek inside the often-secretive world of the cable news channel, but according to a new piece by David Carr, Fox News is doing everything it can to discredit the book before its release. The channel has criticized the book for failing to involve them in the fact-checking process, and attacked author Gabriel Sherman for doing press on competitors like CNN. Sherman's book paints a grim picture of Ailes' rule over the channel — in one anecdote, he ends a corporate relationship with Google because the company refused to alter negative search results for his name — but the most surprising revelation may be how far Ailes and his allies will go to attack the book itself. "This isn’t a fight about facts," Carr writes. "It is about control."