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Watch this: 'From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series' trailer expands cult classic for TV

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From Dusk Till Dawn trailer
From Dusk Till Dawn trailer

The TV reboot for Robert Rodriguez's cult classic From Dusk Till Dawn now has its first trailer. As promised, the short clip draws on the original film, while also expanding the narrative with a larger cast of characters. Here, as in the 1996 movie, criminals Seth and Richie Gecko are running for their lives after a bank heist, which leads them and their hostages into a den of Mesoamerican vampires. "The film was the short story, this series is the novel," Rodriguez told critics yesterday. It's too early to tell how the performances will hold up, but D.J. Cotrona does a pretty decent impression of George Clooney in the starring role.

The series has a 10-episode order, so there are sure to be plenty of tense, bloody scenes before the vampires start tearing people to pieces. The series will debut on Robert Rodriguez's new network El Rey on March 11th.