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Snapchat apologizes for spam increase, denies connection to username leak

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snapchat stories 2 (ellis)
snapchat stories 2 (ellis)

In a blog post today, Snapchat apologized for an increase in "Snap Spam" many users have recently been experiencing. The company claims that the spam increase has nothing to do with the company's recent scandal involving leaked phone numbers and usernames on the web. CEO Evan Spiegel also denied ANY connection to the recent leak in a tweet, but given the proximity of the two events, there's no doubt many users will draw an unfavorable conclusion about the company.

Snapchat is presumably working behind the scenes to identify spammy accounts, but offers no solution for users aside from making their account private so they can only receive snaps from friends they've added. "While we expect to minimize spam, it is the consequence of a quickly growing service," Snapchat added. You can also block specific users inside the app, but there's no way to report a user as spammy like you can in Gmail and other services. Back in April, Snapchat ran into a similar spam problem. "Spam is a problem on many services with large audiences," the company wrote in another blog post. "We know spammers totally suck and we're working on a long term solution to prevent spam from entering your feed." Evidently, Snapchat hasn't eradicated its spam issue, but at least it's learned how to apologize.