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Microsoft and GoDaddy partner to bring Office 365 to small businesses

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Microsoft Office 365 GoDaddy partnership
Microsoft Office 365 GoDaddy partnership

Microsoft announced today that it will partner with GoDaddy to bring Office 365 services to small businesses owners more easily. GoDaddy will offer users the option to choose one of three Office 365 plans that will be connected to their domain name. Users in the US and Canada will gain access to these plans first, and over the next three months the plans will expand globally.

The plans start at $3.99 per user each month for 5GB of email storage and 2GB of space on SkyDrive. That's only about $1 less than Microsoft's cheapest plan, but the real differences come in the two higher plans. The mid-level plan costs $8.99 a month per user, providing 50GB of email storage and 25GB on SkyDrive. The plan with the best deal costs $12.49 per user per month, giving you full access to Office 365, including the desktop apps on up to five PCs and Macs and access to the mobile apps on iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone. When you're talking about multiple users on each business account, those prices look very good compared to Microsoft's plans that cost $12.50 per user per month and $15 per user per month, respectively. All plans come with live customer service as well.

This isn't the first time Microsoft has partnered up like this. The company has essentially the same kinds of plans with Sprint and Verizon, at slightly higher price points. It's natural that Microsoft would want to keep the momentum going for its subscription service by continuing to partner with companies like GoDaddy — in November, 2013, just six months after Microsoft launched Office 365, it already had 2 million paying users. GoDaddy claims to have 12 million small business users, so this partnership could put Microsoft's services in front of the people who will need and use them the most.