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'Nidhogg' arrives on Steam

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Nidhogg is here. The insanely fast indie dueling video game has arrived on Steam, over three years after it began winning accolades from the gaming press. Originally only playable at video game exhibitions where crowds would cheer as a pair of players faced off in the epic tug-of-war-like sword-fighting game, its creator Mark "Messhof" Essen is finally selling Nidhogg to the masses, complete with online multiplayer. For $14.99 (or $11.99 through January 20th) you can buy the game for Windows PC, which has been greatly expanded with new fighting moves, new animations, four distinct arenas, full PC gamepad support for Steam's Big Picture mode, local tournament and arcade modes, and music that dynamically changes as you play.

It's hard to describe just how compelling the indie game can be, but you can watch the trailer below for a good look at what to expect.