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Morpheus jacks into the Matrix to shill for Kia in upcoming Super Bowl ad

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Morpheus screenshot
Morpheus screenshot

Kia has enlisted Laurence Fishburne to reprise the role of Morpheus in its upcoming Super Bowl ad. The ad is meant to promote the new K900 luxury sedan, and will reportedly force viewers to ask what is real in the world of luxury.

According to plot details released by Kia, a couple will find themselves face-to-face with Morpheus at a valet stand, where the cyberpunk prophet will present them with two keys — all reminiscent of the character's classic "red pill / blue pill" scene wherein he gives Neo the choice of staying in the Matrix or seeing the real world. "Should they choose wisely," Kia writes, "their perception of luxury — and Kia — will never be the same again." It all sounds more than a little bizarre (and perhaps a little offensive depending on the audience), but viewers will have to wait until February 2nd to weigh in. Fishburne can already be heard in this early spot starring the K900:

It's not the first time The Matrix has found its way into advertising. Hugo Weaving played a considerably less evil Agent Smith in GE's "Brilliant Machines" ad last year, commenting on the industrial internet and smart hospitals at the time.