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'The Newsroom' will return for third and final season this fall

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the newsroom cast (jaguar ps/shutterstock)
the newsroom cast (jaguar ps/shutterstock)

Good and bad news for fans of Aaron Sorkin's divisive melodrama — The Newsroom isn't over yet, but there'll only be one more season. Sorkin has been working on the script for his upcoming Steve Jobs movie, according to The Hollywood Reporter, temporarily halting progress on the HBO show. A third season has long been on the cards, with star Jeff Daniels tweeting as much last September; HBO confirmed the return via Twitter today, pegging the premiere for fall.

The Newsroom centers around the production of a fictional cable TV news show, frequently depicting its characters covering real-life events such as the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and Fukushima meltdown. The second season's finale was set during election night 2012, meaning that Sorkin may be able to draw inspiration from an eventful 2013 for the third. Whether the show will adopt Fox News' unconventional advances in newsroom technology, however, remains to be seen.