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Removing the music makes the 'Firestarter' video even creepier

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The Prodigy's video for seminal '90s dance hit Firestarter was always unsettling. But remove the music, replace the siren-like samples, and strip away the cycling bass loop, and you're left with something even weirder. By turns hilarious and somehow creepier than the original video, Mario Wienerroither's "Musicless Musicvideo" scores Keith Flint's restless underground jittering with the sound of shuffling, sneezing, and unexpected subway trains.

Wienerroither has also produced musicless videos for Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit, and Queen's I Want To Break Free, but the most popular take on the concept so far has been YouTube user Moto2h's 2012 version of Gangnam Style. That video, aurally dominated by the slapping of Psy's feet on the ground as he performs his infamous horse dance, now has more than 21 million views.