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Moto X coming to Europe next month for €429 or £380

Moto X coming to Europe next month for €429 or £380

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Motorola's flagship phone is yet to see release in Europe, but that's set to change next month — the company announced today that the Moto X will be available off-contract for €429 in France and Germany or £380 in the UK from February, according to CNET. The release follows last year's launch of the low-cost Moto G, which is focused on markets outside the US and retails for around £130 in the UK.

Moto X launch follows low-cost G

Although the two phones have broadly similar industrial design, the Moto X has a superior camera and unique software features, such as always-on voice control and active notifications that only light up certain parts of the AMOLED display. In the US, the phone is also available to order in customized materials and colors through the Moto Maker program, although it's unclear whether that will be extended to Europe.

The Moto X received strong reviews upon its US release, but that doesn't appear to have translated into equally strong sales for Motorola — the phone has been subject to multiple discounts and special offers since launching at the standard $199 on-contract price.