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YouTube launches daily show to help you find the best videos

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YouTube Nation
YouTube Nation

There's a lot of stuff to watch on YouTube, and the site is hoping to help you sort through the clutter with the newly launched series YouTube Nation. The five minute-long show will air daily at 9PM EST, and is hosted by Jacob Soboroff, formerly of Huffpost Live, and produced by Dreamworks Animation. The first episode highlights everything from a new football series from Grantland to a skydiving world record attempt. The episodes are also bundled in a playlist alongside the videos they highlight.

"People are making and sharing so many amazing things each day it blows our minds," says YouTube's Kevin Allocca. "YouTube Nation is about sharing that feeling with all of you." YouTube Nation isn't just a potentially useful tool if you're looking for the latest viral hit, it's also the first daily video series to carry the YouTube branding. You can check out episode one below.