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Facebook reportedly preparing to take on Flipboard with 'Paper' news reader

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Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Stock
Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Stock

Facebook is currently putting the finishing touches on its own mobile news reader service and could launch the product by the end of January, according to a new report from Recode. The social network's Flipboard competitor is reportedly called Paper — not to be confused with the popular iOS drawing app — and is finally nearing completion after "years" of work. (The Wall Street Journal broke news on the effort last year.) Recode says it's currently unclear whether Paper will be a standalone app when it reaches Facebook's users; it may instead take the form of a web app optimized for mobile devices.

Much like Flipboard, Paper will reportedly display stories from The New York Times, The Washington Post, and other publications in a visually appealing layout that also mixes in Facebook status updates. CEO Mark Zuckerberg apparently has had direct involvement in the creation of Paper, though it's largely the work of Facebook's News Feed team — including some design-minded talent that came to the company through acquisitions. We're midway through January, so if the rumored timetable is accurate, Facebook should be sharing more details on Paper before long.