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Chrome's latest update reveals which tabs are making noise

Chrome's latest update reveals which tabs are making noise

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There'll be no scrambling to find which tab is playing obnoxiously loud music or autoplaying videos in Chrome anymore. In Chrome's latest release, the browser will automatically add a small speaker icon on every tab that's playing audio, finally making it easy to tell where noise is coming from. It's a simple solution to one of web browsing's best-known nuisances, and it's one that's been in the works for a while now, launching nearly a year after Google began testing the feature.

The update effectively builds Chrome OS into Windows 8 too

The tab identifier has grown into a lot more than just a noise locator though. Chrome will also display small icons on tabs that are accessing your webcam or being streamed to a TV through Chromecast. Though webcams tend to display lights that indicate when they're on, Chrome's addition should provide yet another barrier to keep people alert to when their camera's in use.

The latest update to Chrome also includes a big addition on Windows 8. Chrome now includes a special "Metro-style" mode that effectively turns the app into a full-screen instance of Chrome OS. Since Chrome even includes an app launcher and a taskbar, you could effectively simulate Chrome OS from straight within Windows 8. Though Google isn't trying to bring much attention to the addition, it's a bold move that turns the browser into something of a trojan horse for Google right inside of Microsoft's platform.

Update: this article has been updated with further details on Chrome for Windows 8.