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President Obama 'remains committed' to net neutrality despite court ruling

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Obama blackberry (White House)
Obama blackberry (White House)

The FCC's Open Internet rules took a major blow today, as a federal appeals court ruled that wireless carriers can make traffic from certain sources run faster than others, or even block services outright. Unsurprisingly, reactions from around the industry and throughout the government are coming quickly, and now the White House is giving its opinion.

In a statement given to The Hill, a While House spokesperson said that "President Obama remains committed to an open internet, where consumers are free to choose the websites they want to visit and the online services they want to use, and where online innovators are allowed to compete on a level playing field based on the quality of their products."

The White House also says that it is continuing to review today's ruling and that it will work closely with the FCC and Congress "to preserve a free and open Internet," but how exactly the government will keep today's decision from hurting the concept of net neutrality remains to be seen.