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HP Chromebook 11 returns to Google Play store, LTE model quietly launches at Best Buy

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HP Chromebook 11 1024px
HP Chromebook 11 1024px

HP's Chromebook 11 can now be purchased with LTE connectivity. The 4G-capable laptop runs on Verizon's network and is priced at $379, which is $100 more than the non-cellular model that debuted back in October. Best Buy already shows the new Chromebook 11 as in stock and available at some retail stores, so you may be able to get your hands on one immediately. But as we pointed out in our review, much better options currently exist for Chromebook shoppers. Acer's C720 ranks as one of our favorites, and it's now available in a variety of configurations including one with a touchscreen. You can't purchase the C720 with LTE though, so if that's a requirement for some reason, HP's Chromebook 11 may still be your best bet.

Update: The regular, non-LTE version of HP's Chromebook 11 has returned to the Google Play Store. Sales of the $279 device were halted after concerns arose over the included charger. But HP quickly moved to resolve those issues, and the laptop can once again be purchased directly from Google. All colors except for the white and blue configuration are in stock and shipping within one to two business days.

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