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'X-Files' star Gillian Anderson is co-writing a new series of sci-fi novels

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The X-Files
The X-Files

Gillian Anderson is returning to science fiction. The actress — best known for her near decade-long gig as FBI agent Dana Scully on the X-Files — has announced she's currently working on a sci-fi book series dubbed EarthEnd Saga, alongside co-writer Jeff Rovin. "After nine years of living in a semi-science-fictional universe," she told Entertainment Weekly, "I think I now have an ingrained knowledge and rhythm for it." The first volume, A Vision of Fire, is expected to launch in October.

"I think I now have an ingrained knowledge and rhythm for it."

The series will follow the exploits of a child psychiatrist named Caitlin O'Hara, who comes across a young girl with a particularly difficult problem that will usher in the story's sci-fi elements. "Caitlin begins to realize that the girl's behavior is tied to much greater forces in the universe," Anderson explains, "and as the story unfolds, she must prevent destruction on a grand scale."

EarthEnd Saga will be the first release from a brand new sci-fi imprint from publisher Simon & Schuster, dubbed Simon451 (an homage to the classic novel Fahrenheit 451). The imprint will focus both on new authors and franchises like EarthEnd, as well as reissuing older titles in digital formats. "Simon451 will publish in multiple electronic and printed formats, with a focus on digital-first publishing and ebook originals," the company explains.

No other titles have been announced just yet, but Anderson's novels will likely be the closest we'll get to new X-Files content that doesn't involve the Transformers or Ninja Turtles.