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Scribe makes it easy to copy and paste from your Mac to your iPhone

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scribe ios
scribe ios

It's surprisingly difficult to get a snippet of text — be it an address, a phone number, or a link — from a Mac over to an iPhone. A number of apps have tried to make it simple, but few have made it quite so easy as Scribe. Launching today, Scribe pairs a lightweight Mac app with a simple but smart app for the iPhone. So long as both are running, copying text on your Mac with the keyboard shortcut cmd-shift-x will make it instantly appear in a notification on your phone.

Scribe can tell the difference between text, links, and phone numbers

You can activate one of Scribe's notifications to immediately copy text into your iPhone's clipboard, or you can open up Scribe itself and view a history of what you've saved. Scribe is able to sort basic types of text too, displaying an option to call phone numbers or to open links in Safari. Scribe can actually be used to send images too, but since it's connecting over Bluetooth LE, file sizes are severely limited, so you won't be sending over much.

Bluetooth LE is part of what makes Scribe so simple, but also occasionally frustrating. When it works, it sends text instantly; but it occasionally struggles to pair with your Mac, inciting a period of opening and closing the apps over and over again until they link up. It's the same trouble that Knock — another app that works over Bluetooth LE — has dealt with, though Knock has come to pair more reliably since its launch.

Scribe's Mac app is selling for $2.99, with its necessary companion app on the iPhone available for free. Its keyboard-shortcut simplicity should make it easy to fit into your workflow, and for many, that'll be worth occasionally fighting with Bluetooth for.