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Coinye is still alive

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Coinye Fish-Man Hybrid
Coinye Fish-Man Hybrid

Coinye is back from the dead. Or, according to its creators, it was never dead in the first place. The digital currency that began as a farcical — but surprisingly real — parody of Kanye West is live and ready to be mined and traded, despite escalating pressure from West's lawyers to have it shut down. Its creators even say they're working on "exciting new additions" to the project. They're doing what they can do mitigate their legal troubles though, distancing the coin from prior suggestions that it was related to Kanye with a clear disclaimer: "Is Kanye involved? Absolutely not!"

That probably won't be enough to satiate West, whose name and likeness were originally co-opted on the coin before its creators decided to change its logo to a "half-man, half-fish hybrid." But no matter how much legal pressure he adds from here, there's really no stopping the currency. Now that it's out, it'll live on so long as Coinye enthusiasts continue to mine it. It's certainly not the most useful digital currency to back right now, but it's arguably the most entertaining — or at least the most entertaining since Dogecoin came along.