It's time for a change at the NSA. But will President Obama deliver it? After former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden leaked documents showing the agency was engaged in widespread and often unchecked surveillance of phone and internet activity, calls to reform America's top spy organization have come from all corners.

This week, we find out whether those calls will be answered — but unfortunately, early reports from Washington insiders suggest that the president won't be making big changes.

Obama is giving a speech on Friday to address the recommendations made by an independent review panel, which he set up last year to help reform the American intelligence community. But so far, officials have been reluctant to endorse any big changes, and US lawmakers have also defended the programs, despite little to no evidence to suggest they've thwarted terrorist plots. We’ve taken a look at the reforms proposed by the review group, and we’ll be back tomorrow to see how the president's speech stacked up.