It all started with a half slug, half cat alien creature. Slugcat, as it's known, is the star of the upcoming Rain World, an intriguing survival game that just launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund development. The game’s unique world and retro feel are part of its charm, but it’s the main character that is at the center of the experience. "I don't want to tell you if it's more slug or more cat," co-developer Joar Jakobsson says, "because that is better if left to interpretation."

Rain World takes place on a harsh, desolate alien planet where creatures are forced to hibernate to avoid the deadly torrents of rain that regularly pound the surface. When things finally dry up, those creatures head out for food. As the adorable, slithering slugcat — which gets its name from, of all places, a YouTube comment — you need to find enough to eat so that you can survive the next hibernation period. Of course, other creatures are out hunting as well, and for some of them slugcat is on the menu. Among those you'll need to avoid are dark, animal-like creatures that wouldn't feel out of place in a movie like British sci-fi horror flick Attack the Block. Staying alive will require a combination of quick reflexes to avoid enemies and careful use of the limited resources at your disposal. The team has also put much of its effort into creating a robust enemy AI, so that it will feel like you're actually tricking an intelligent creature when you sneak away.