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New HTC One with bigger screen, better camera reportedly planned for March release

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HTC One (verge stock)
HTC One (verge stock)

HTC is working on a new version of its flagship One phone with a planned release date in March, says Bloomberg. A source close to the project has reportedly said that the company will keep the same design as the One but increase the screen size and bump up the specs: it will supposedly include what's described as a twin-sensor rear camera that will improve focus and image quality. Toshiba recently announced a two-sensor smartphone camera that would allow photo refocusing similar to that of the Lytro light field camera, and other companies have worked on similar modules in the past. Bloomberg's report fits with the timing of the first HTC One announcement, which happened just before February's Mobile World Congress in 2013.

The screen on the new One is said to be at least 5 inches compared to the current version's 4.7 inches, but smaller than that of the 5.9-inch HTC One Max; it's been rumored previously to come with a Snapdragon 805 processor. Bloomberg notes that the new model will carry the same One moniker, much in the way that Apple used the iPad name for successive generations of the tablet. Outside the obvious change to screen size, the design of the new One is supposed to be very similar to the original One — which hopefully means HTC won't downgrade build quality as it did on the mini and Max versions it's already released.