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Motorola lowers price of bamboo Moto X, more natural finishes coming January 21st

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Wood Moto X
Wood Moto X

Ordering the Moto X with a gorgeous bamboo rear case just got a bit less costly; the "natural" customization is now just an extra $25 on top of the regular price. At launch, bamboo added a premium of $100 to the handset's cost — an asking price that struck us as a bit too high. It would seem consumers felt the same way since Motorola has dropped it so significantly. The company chalks it all up to streamlined manufacturing process. If you already ordered a bamboo Moto X, you'll be credited with $75 to use at Motorola's online store.

As for the other natural finishes, Motorola says that ebony, teak, and walnut will be available for Moto Maker orders starting January 21st. They'll also be $25 extra. With the off-contract Moto X now permanently priced at $399, ordering your personalized model isn't such an expensive dream anymore.