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Apple's Phil Schiller unfollowed Nest CEO Tony Fadell on Twitter

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phil schiller wwdc 2013
phil schiller wwdc 2013

Apple SVP of global marketing Phil Schiller has long been a vocal proponent of Apple products, unafraid to cast an unfavorable eye on the company's competitors. Now, only days after Google announced the purchase of Nest for a whopping $3.2 billion, 9to5Mac reports that Schiller has opted to unfollow both the company and Nest CEO Tony Fadell on Twitter.

Schiller, it can be inferred, must not be pleased with the acquisition — especially considering Fadell's being an instrumental former colleague at Apple. With Nest now firmly in Google's grasp, the move looks like a principled stand against Mountain View. Indeed, this isn't the first time Schiller has taken a hard line against Google. Earlier this year, the marketing chief called Android a "cheap replacement for a feature phone" in the run-up to the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4. He even dropped his Instagram account after the app landed on Android last year, saying it "jumped the shark" in making the move to the OS.

Schiller may think Nest jumped the shark

Despite Schiller's apparent displeasure, Nest devices still have a comfortable place in the Apple Online Store. However, even though Fadell told The Verge earlier this week that he hopes customers can purchase the thermostat and smoke detector "wherever they want to purchase them," it may not be long before both products get the boot.