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Lightroom for iPad briefly appears on Adobe's site before being pulled

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lightroom ipad (the grid)
lightroom ipad (the grid)

Photo editors could get an important mobile app from Adobe soon. According to a listing posted earlier this week on the company's website, Lightroom could be coming to the iPad. As 9to5Mac reported, the product listing was up for a brief period of time before it was quickly taken down. The mobile software was priced at $99 per year with a cloud subscription, allowing you to sync photos between your computer and your iPad. The rumored feature would match up well with Lightroom's reported tagline: "Take Lightroom anywhere."

This isn't the first we've heard of a mobile Lightroom app — the company has been planning a program like this since early 2013 when it demoed a Lightroom-style mobile app on The Grid, an online show from Photoshop guru Scott Kelby. If it has most of the features that the desktop version of Lightroom has, it seems like it could be a much needed tool for professional photographers who are always on the go — but we'll have to see if it'll be worth $99 every year.