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Palette modular controller adds dials and switches to your computer

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Whether it's a touchscreen, keyboard, or mouse, there are plenty of ways to interact with your computer, but sometimes you need something a little more tactile. Enter Palette, described as a "freeform hardware interface," that lets you create a custom controller with a variety of switches, dials, and buttons. It works with Mac, Windows, and Linux devices, and the creators say that they're working to support a variety of software right away, including Photoshop and Traktor. Each module also comes with built-in LED lights so you can work late into the night.

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All of the pieces come in the form of tiny blocks and you can arrange them however you like, sticking them together like LEGO blocks. "Our fingertips are some of the most sensitive parts of our body," Palette co-founder Calvin Chu told Core77. "A lot of information is lost when it's all behind a cold glass touchscreen." The controller — which is available to pre-order now — comes in a variety of forms, from a four piece, $99 starter kit to a $399 professional set that comes with 16 modules. The Kickstarter-funded customizable tool is expected to launch this fall.