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Heavy Metal magazine getting rebooted with a focus on film and TV

Heavy Metal magazine getting rebooted with a focus on film and TV


Print edition will stay alive through a quarterly magazine

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Much like its contemporary Omni, sci-fi and fantasy magazine Heavy Metal is getting a reboot — but this time it's going to be much more than a print publication. As Variety reports, the magazine has been sold to new owners, among them film producer Jeff Krelitz. And the plan is to leverage the Heavy Metal brand across a variety of media, including film and television, with a heavy focus on genre entertainment in the vein of studios like Legendary Pictures. "There are so many fans of Heavy Metal in the industry," Krelitz told Variety. "It was the place that inspired them to become who they are now and has the potential to be so much more."

"We see the magazine as a way to test new concepts."

First launched in 1977, Heavy Metal is an illustrated magazine with a focus on adult-oriented sci-fi and fantasy, and its covers have featured artwork from the likes of H. R. Giger, of Alien fame; comic book artist Esteban Maroto; and French artist Jean Giraud, better known to many as Moebius. In 1981 there was even an animated feature film of the same name, starring John Candy and Harold Ramis. But even with new owners intent on turning the brand into a Hollywood force, Heavy Metal's magazine will still live on through a quarterly magazine available in both print and digital formats. Kevin Eastman, former owner (and co-creator of the Ninja Turtles franchise) will remain on as publisher.

And the stories featured in the rebooted magazine could eventually find their way onto the big screen, as well. "We see the magazine as a way to test new concepts, new ideas before turning them into something else," says Krelitz.