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Watch this: fans break onto the set of 'Star Trek: The Next Generation

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Warp core breach

Star Trek The Next Generation season one blu-ray stock press 1024
Star Trek The Next Generation season one blu-ray stock press 1024

Captain Picard would not have been pleased. Back in 1988, less than a year after Star Trek: The Next Generation premiered, several super fans wandered onto the studio of the iconic series in Hollywood, California, and filmed their own unauthorized, behind-the-scenes tour. One of the invaders was also reportedly a special effects technician working for the show at the time, Greg R. Stone.

The resulting, profanity-laden video features "Captain Stone" donning the classic red and black Starfleet command uniform and taking the cameraman around to various Enterprise sets, including the transporter room, Dr. Beverly Crusher's office, the engineering room, and a conference room. Stone can be seen operating various control panels, doors and "touchscreen" displays around the ship. But he doesn't quite have the grace or skill of a real Starfleet officer – instead, he clumsily knocks props over, gets doors stuck, even breaks one of the surgical beds in the sick bay.

The video first surfaced online in 2007, and has been taken down a reposted several times since, according to the Star Trek Wiki. It's making the rounds again this week after a Reddit user posted yet another copy. Stone's voyage may still be the envy of Trekkies everywhere, but it seems to have had serious repercussions, as a Trek Radio interview in 2011 with several other production crew members revealed that the incident delayed the next day's shooting and led the studio, Paramount, to stop hiring uber-fans to work on the show.