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Bird steals camera, films gorgeous aerial footage of penguin colony

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caracara egg cam
caracara egg cam

A falcon-like bird was unwittingly turned into a documentary filmmaker during its trip for lunch. At a rockhopper penguin colony, a striated caracara thought it had caught a break when it located the one remaining egg that hadn't been hatched — but it turns out, the egg hadn't hatched for good reason: it was a camera in disguise. After a short assessment, the caracara took off with the camera, capturing incredible, swooping footage of the penguin colony from above.

That isn't the end of the egg-cam's journey though. After falling from the caracara's grasp, a pair of turkey vultures descend on it next, sending it tumbling down a hill toward the colony. The footage was captured as part of Penguins — Spy in the Huddle, a BBC One documentary series that makes heavy use of these disguised cameras. It's been a good few months for birds stealing cameras, and if the popularity of the egg-cam is any indication, there should be more incidents to come.