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NBA's Sacramento Kings will wear Glass during January 24th game, but not on the court

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Sacramento Kings Google Glass
Sacramento Kings Google Glass

The Sacramento Kings are setting themselves up to be one of the more progressive NBA franchises out there — earlier this week, the team announced it would start accepting Bitcoin, and now the team has announced that select players, cheerleaders, announcers, and even the mascot will wear Google Glass during a game against the Indiana Pacers on January 24th. Unsurprisingly, the players won't actually wear Glass on the court, as that would certainly violate some NBA rules, but fans will still get a fairly unique view of the game from a number of perspectives.

It's being put together by a company called CrowdOptic, who'll package all the footage together into something for fans to digest — though it's not clear if this footage will be broadcast just for fans at the game over the Jumbotron or elsewhere on the internet. While it might not be broadcast live, it wouldn't surprise us to see highlights of the Kings using Glass show up on the team's official homepage following the game.

And this likely won't be the only time that the Kings bring Glass onto the court — according to ABC News, CrowdOptic thinks the team will use Glass regularly in the future. "There really is a strong interest in building this out," said Jim Kovach, CrowdOptic's head of business development. Whether or not that'll lead to a future in which we can get a player's eye view of in-game action remains to be seen — the NBA didn't want Glass on stage at the NBA draft last year, but ABC News notes that NBA Commissioner David Stern had talked about the possibility of licensing content for Google Glass. While the device might be a distraction during the NBA Finals, it might be fun to see it in play during an exhibition game sometime in the future.