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The story of 'Reservoir Dogs' retold in over 1,000 tweets

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Reservoir Dogs
Reservoir Dogs

Reliving movies on Twitter has become a trend, and a cult classic just popped up online. Argentinean advertising creative Jorge Zacher used 15 Twitter accounts and 1,125 tweets to recreate the entire Reservoir Dogs script. He made each character a Twitter account where they all tweeted lines from the movie, which were then retweeted by the @ReservoirDogs_ account in reverse order so it could be read on Twitter.

Some of the best tweets are the short and sweet exposition lines from the @ReservoirDogs_ that tie the entire story together, capturing both the violent essence of the movie's most memorable scenes as well as the small gestures that make the movie a strange and beloved classic. Other films like Back to the Future have been revitalized in the same way, but there's something about reading a Tarantino film in tweets that's both unsettling and awesome.