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Polaroid announces its own 4K TV, prices it at only $999.99

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Polaroid 4K TV
Polaroid 4K TV

A $1,000 4K TV will be on display at this year's Consumer Electronics Show, but it's not coming from Sony, Samsung, or another well-known TV vendor. Instead, the brand etched into the 50-inch Ultra HD set is none other than Polaroid — a name synonymous with film and instant photography. It's important to note that the product seen here is actually manufactured by Empire Electronics, another company that has simply paid to license Polaroid's brand. It's likely not far off from other off-brand 4K TVs, some of which have already dropped below $1,000.

These days, Polaroid's logo can also be found on Android tablets, sports video cameras, and consumer digital cameras. Polaroid today is a drastically different company than the one that filed for bankruptcy back in 2001. Still, CEO Scott Hardy sees some link to the past. "Not many people realize that Edwin Land was a pioneer in developing the polarizing technology used in modern televisions," said Hardy, referring to Polaroid's co-founder.

Polaroid's 4K TV features three HDMI inputs and what the company claims to be "the highest quality picture resolution at the best price." It's an attractive sticker price to be sure, but we have our doubts that this set will compare favorably to products from other manufacturers. Polaroid is also releasing a 50-inch Smart TV with a built-in Roku Streaming Stick for $599.99. The company says its TV line will eventually have sizes starting at 32 inches running all the way up to 69 inches.