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CBS and NBC to stream NFL playoff coverage for free

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Tom Brady / Patrios (KEITH ALLISON - FLICKR)
Tom Brady / Patrios (KEITH ALLISON - FLICKR)

CBS and NBC are making it easy for football fans to follow along this postseason by streaming their NFL playoff coverage online for free. Following the precedent set in 2012, NBC will be offering both of its wild card match-ups this Saturday, while for the first time CBS will be streaming all four of its playoff games — including the AFC championship game. All told, the entire AFC side of the NFL playoff bracket will be free online for customers, so whether you're a Broncos or a Patriots fans, your bases are covered.

Of course, the rights to various games are divvied up amongst different networks, and Variety reports that Fox will be hiding its online streams behind the TV Everywhere initiative. Comcast, Cablevision, and AT&T U-verse subscribers will be able to watch online coverage with the appropriate login credentials, but otherwise Seahawks, Packers, or 49ers fans will have to resort to more traditional means of watching the game. Fox isn't being stingy when it comes to the biggest game of them all, however: it will be streaming Super Bowl XLVIII for free on February 2nd.