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Fujifilm dials up the retro for its next camera

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fujifilm teaser
fujifilm teaser

Mechanical buttons and dials may be nearing extinction in most modern electronics, but one area where they remain loved and appreciated is among camera enthusiasts. Fujifilm's next iteration promises to satisfy these desires with a gluttonous variety of physical control — there are dedicated dials for exposure, shutter speed, and ISO, while a closer inspection of the teaser image suggests there are even dials under the dials.

More manual controls than you'll know what to do with

Fujifilm is celebrating the 80th anniversary of its founding today by revealing the look of its next major camera and the date of its full unveiling: January 28th. The rumors up to this point suggest the new shooter will be titled the X-T1 and will feature an articulating screen, a weather-sealed body, and a 16-megapixel APS-C sensor. The electronic viewfinder is also described as "extra large," which the big SLR-style bump above the Fujifilm logo would seem to corroborate.

With the Japanese company among the leaders in the present trend for recreating the aesthetics and ergonomics of classic film cameras, much will be expected of this upcoming model. The top of Fujifilm's line hasn't been updated since the X-Pro1 two years ago, and this mooted X-T1 looks set to take over the flagship mantle.