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LG G Flex preorders available from AT&T starting January 24th

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LG G Flex 1024px
LG G Flex 1024px

Sprint may have been the first US carrier to announce definitive availability of the LG G Flex, but AT&T is beating Sprint to offering preorders for the monstrous device. The carrier announced today that customers will be able to place preorders in stores and online starting this Friday, January 24th, a full week ahead of Sprint's announced January 31st launch date. AT&T did not give definitive date for when the G Flex would be delivered to customers, however. T-Mobile has also said it will offer the G Flex, but it too hasn't provided a specific release date for it. AT&T will sell the G Flex for $299.99 with a two-year contract, though customers will be able to purchase the phone on the carriers 12- or 18-month Next financing plans if they want.

The G Flex is the first smartphone with a curved display to come to the US, but our first impressions with the device were not especially positive. The curved screen and "self-healing" back are fun parlor tricks, but we'd really love to have better software and a more manageable size on our smartphones. Either way, you'll be able to make that decision for yourself when the G Flex hits shelves later this week.