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The Verge Book Club Podcast: 'The Big Sleep' by Raymond Chandler

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Book Club
Book Club

The Verge Book Club took a tour on the noir side in December, by reading one of the all-time classics in the genre: Raymond Chandler's The Big Sleep. The novel, which introduces readers to detective Philip Marlowe, a character Chandler revisits in future tomes, sparked immediate Book Club debate over a range of topics. Among them? Whether Chandler depicts women as furniture or wild animals, what illness (if any) afflicted the insufferable Carmen Sternwood, and whether The Big Sleep's enduring legacy and influence is deserved or not. We hope you'll join us (Adi and Katie) as we discuss.

And don't forget to cast a vote for February's pick. The theme, delightfully enough, will be Interplanetary.

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