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Sony's Wi-Fi-only Xperia Z Ultra sees smartphone morph into tablet

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Gallery Photo: Sony Xperia Z Ultra hands-on pictures
Gallery Photo: Sony Xperia Z Ultra hands-on pictures

Sony's Xperia Z Ultra exists on the very peripheries of what we might call a phone; its huge 6.4-inch 1080p display is great for some things, but using it to make calls or carrying it in your pocket every day might cause problems. To that end, Sony has announced a new Wi-Fi-only model of the device for release in Japan, and the press release refers to it throughout as a "tablet."

Tablet after all

Beyond the removal of cellular radios, the Wi-Fi model appears to be identical to the regular Xperia Z Ultra, featuring the same 6.5mm-thick waterproof casing, 8-megapixel camera, and Android 4.2 software.

Sony hasn't announced whether this model will come to the US or elsewhere, but it'll be available in Japan this week for ¥52,000 (about $499). US customers can currently buy the LTE-equipped version for $649.99 from Sony, or a Google Play edition with stock Android for the same price.