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Edward Snowden will answer questions live on Thursday, January 23rd at 3PM ET

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Edward Snowden
Edward Snowden

The whistleblower who provoked the United States to surveillance reforms will be taking your questions this Thursday. Edward Snowden is hosting an hour-long live Q&A on January 23rd at 3PM ET, the first such chat since June of last year. On Thursday, you'll find it at this link.

While Snowden interviews of any sort are still relatively rare during his exile in Russia, the NSA leaker has been more outspoken as of late, giving The Washington Post an extensive interview last month, and delivering an "alternative Christmas message" a day later. Most recently, he spoke to The New Yorker to dismiss claims that he could be a Russian spy. "It's not the smears that mystify me," he told the publication. "It's that outlets report statements that the speakers themselves admit are sheer speculation."