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Fail Whale artist turns Twitter founders into beautiful nesting dolls

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Real world toys inspired by the virtual realm

nesting twitter
nesting twitter

Yiying Lu, the author of Twitter's famously adorable Fail Whale graphic, is returning to the site of her greatest success with a new set of matryoshka dolls that celebrates both the founders and users of the world's favorite 140-character social network. The handcrafted #NestingTwitter figurines include current Twitter CEO Dick Costolo and its originators Biz Stone and Jack Dorsey, but the outermost doll is reserved for the user community as a whole. Neat little adornments like @, reply, and retweet symbols decorate the wooden dolls — though you won't find Twitter's official logo anywhere since this project isn't affiliated with the company itself.

Launching on Kickstarter today, the project requires $30,000 to get off the ground and is already more than a tenth of its way to that goal. Given Twitter's widespread popularity and the undeniable charm of these dolls, reaching the necessary funding doesn't seem like it'll be a problem. And to distinguish your set from all the others, you can even get your Twitter handle and your favorite tweet inscribed at the bottom of the community doll.